She Was Black and Blue

She Was Black and Blue, Stainless steel, mild steel wire, and canvas, 36" x 27" x 30", 2017

Hanna Seggerman is receiving her Bachelor of Arts in Art Education and her Bachelor of Fine Arts - Sculpture with an Art History minor at the University of Northern Iowa. Working for the UNI Public Art Incubator she gains opportunities to work alongside artists including Aristotle Georgiades and Gale Simpson. In 2017 she received the award for Best of Show with her work January 2, 2017 at the Cedar Valley Biennial Student Art Exhibition at the Waterloo Center for the Arts. In 2018 she received the Merit Award for her work January 2, 2017  at the Annual Juried Student Art Exhibition at the UNI Gallery of Art. March of 2017 she earned her first commission for the 2017-2018 Cedar Falls Authors Festival. This work is displayed in the Cedar Falls Hearst Center for the Arts' outdoor sculpture garden.  Her public sculpture Transcendence was accepted into the 2018 Sioux Falls Sculpture Walk.

In her own words:

My artwork embraces the radical juxtaposition of objects creating an opportunity to compare and contrast the fundamental nature of each form. Development of an idea occurs as I experiment with the juxtaposition of materials such as the relationship between metal's cold shiny surface and the soft warm texture of fabric. The forms themselves are often based on abstractions of found objects both natural and manmade presenting a less representational way for the viewer to compare and contrast without the weight of intense contextual information. The use of negative space in my artwork creates a third layer that often balances the opposition created between the forms. I develop this space by subtraction or a lack of material that creates a complex grid work of line and space leaving behind structure with detailed simplicity.

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