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sorry, Letterpress prints, vinyl, wood panels, 8" x 10", 2017

Carley Cullen is a native of Winfield, Illinois. In 2015, she received her BFA from the University of Iowa with a concentration in Graphic Design. She spent time as an art director intern at Two by Four in Chicago, IL and began growing her freelance design business shortly thereafter. In 2016, Carley was invited to be a competitor in the Adobe Creative Jam in Raleigh, NC, and won both the Judge's Choice and People's Choice awards with her teammate and UI grad, Alex Brunsen.

Carley is currently an MFA candidate in Graphic Design at the University of Iowa and is a Graduate Certificate student at the University of Iowa Center for the Book. Carley is a graduate student teaching assistant for introductory graphic design classes. Her most recent solo exhibition "sorry" placed first at the 20th annual Jakobsen Memorial Conference this March for her combination of mental health awareness and art as an expression of empathy and visual communication.

In her own words:

My current project, "sorry" is a multi-media installation with a combination of letterpress printed collages, digital collages, and three animations. I think of my print collages as curations of moments in time: blips of emotion, flashes of anxiety pasted down to record a fleeting sentiment. Initially, I produced prints from line drawings sketched out in the midst of a panic attack and created prints from these drawings. These prints serve as a reflection of those moments, and their layering depicts how intricate and intertwined anxiety and its triggers can be. My goal in creating art in response to my experiences with anxiety is to establish a system of support for others with similar concerns. I want my project to thread seamlessly into communities surrounding Iowa City to promote mental health awareness, advocacy and solidarity using graphic design as the primary mode of visual communication.

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