Parlour Bramble (Pigeon Year)

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Parlour Bramble (Pigeon Year), Letterpress-printed Linocut wallpaper with hand-cut elements, 30' x 11', 2017

Mary Claire Becker is a native of Raleigh, North Carolina. In 2012 she received her BFA from the University of North Carolina at Asheville with a concentration in Printmaking. She has spent time as an intern at Asheville Bookworks and as a studio assistant at Penland School of Crafts. She has shown nationally at galleries such as the New York Center for Book Arts, Blue Spiral 1 in Asheville, NC, Gallery 1010 in Knoxville, TN, Manifest Gallery in Cincinnati, OH, and the Black Box Gallery in Portland, OR.

Mary Claire is currently an MFA candidate in Printmaking at the University of Iowa and is also working towards a Certificate of Book Arts at UICB. As a graduate teaching assistant, she has acted as instructor of record for drawing and printmaking classes. In 2017 she attended an artist residency at Lake Okoboji's Lakeside Laboratory, a biology research station in Western Iowa.

In her own words:

My wallpaper and cut-paper specimen collections mimic our attempts to harness the beauty of the natural world and infuse our interior spaces with the delightful aspects of wilderness without having to experience the reality of the landscape. These installations reinterpret the decorative flora and fauna they reference to create a cacophony of pattern that ceases to be tame and verges on oversaturated kitsch. By reinterpreting the botanical images we take for granted in our manmade spaces, these installations highlight the role of artifice in our ideas about nature. Feeling connected to nature mediates guilt over participating in a society that uses natural resources unsustainably. However, by fetishizing the landscape, we exclude ourselves from any definition of nature and it becomes more difficult to design human systems that function effectively within our environment. My work encourages viewers to pay attention to our conflicting definitions of nature by exploring boundaries between decorative and wild.

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