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Flowing Tray, Birch Wood, 20" x 5" x 10", 2017

In her own words:

I was born in Shanghai, China in 1992. I have been a big fan of arts since I was a young girl. This dream came true after I started my college life here at The University of Iowa. I graduated as an honor student in graphic design in December 2014, and started my graduate study in graphic design in January 2016. I will graduate with an MA in Graphic Design and Graduate Certificate of Book Arts from the University of Iowa in May 2018. I have worked as a freelance graphic designer for 3 years for various companies and organizations.

Wine brings romance to your evening, that is why a wine tray needs to be designed in nice, gentle, smooth curved lines. This flowing wine tray was designed to fit the human body's curves and easy to carry with even just one arm. The pieces of the tray were based on YinYang elements from Chinese culture, which look like water drops.

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on March 22, 2018

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