The Flying Machine

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The Flying Machine, wood, drywall, steel, paint, fans, 15' x 11' x 11'

About the artist:

Kyle Peets is a Master of Fine Arts candidate in Printmaking at the University of Iowa.

Kyle loves bacon even if that's cliché.  It doesn't matter.  The sun doesn't know about you.  Kyle also loves mountains and misses them.

About his work:

"I love scaring people, like jumping out from behind a tree on a hike.  I like to do this because my dad used to scare me all the time and I hated it so much but really, I loved the way it made me feel.

Look at how much we have altered this world and how much that affects the way we move through it and look at how much we can then alter those alterations to form new ways of thinking.  My work seeks to highlight cognitive blind spots through the use of mischief and the uncanny and the way we reconcile those muddy places.  This often includes our reactions to things that are bigger than we are, like the unknown or the sublime or love, and the ways we cope with feeling so small."

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on June 11, 2018

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