Symphony, Performance, 2010-13

Jeffery Byrd is a performance and video artist who has presented work all over the globe. His work explores the relationships between artifice and reality.  He has exhibited in over 75 group exhibitions, and has performed at notable venues as Lincoln Center in New York and the Institute of Contemporary Art in Boston. Byrd has participated in performance and video festivals in major cities throughout the US and in Canada, Finland, Germany, Switzerland, Poland, Columbia, Mexico, Italy, Northern Ireland, Wales and Cuba.

In his own words:

I've always found Post-It Notes to be beautiful. Their fragile color reminds me of butterfly wings. I like thinking about that as I work in my office. It's always bothered me that the Notes are often used for the most mundane forms of communication. In an attempt at elevation, I have collected a long list of beautiful words in many languages. For this performance, I write one word per note and place them on a window. Viewers are asked to share their beautiful words as well.

This image was from Symphony #4 (Beautiful Notes for Salt Lake City).  For 8 hours, I rode the glass elevator in the SLC Public Library.  Symphonies 1-3 were performed in Toronto, Boston and Helsinki.

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