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Dalina, Archival Ink Jet Print on Mulberry Paper, 28" x 33", 2017

In her own words:

My work examines the breaking of control. I am a very controlled person but like to test my limits with unpredictable spaces created using an environment made up of images, objects, sound, lighting, and video. I alter spaces to provide the right amount of chaos and invoke a response from my viewers while challenging my personal environment and facing fears.

Post-trauma recovery involves regaining possession and control of something that has been taken from the victim. My series examines the ways in which portraiture can empower the subject of a photograph -- and by extension, the process of healing. I sought to use unprocessed techniques, relying instead on the implicit strength, power and individuality of the people willing to step forward for me. At the heart of these photographs rests in the struggle to take back one's sense of self and the control of one's self. As the photographer, I wish instead to posit self-validation as a form validation in the process of recovery.

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