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Nova, Multimedia installation; embroidery floss and video projections, 10'x15', 2018

Where are you from? This question underlies the majority of  González's work. Estephania González was born in Los Angeles, CA, lived in Leon, Guanajuato Mexico, then migrated with her parents to Perry, Iowa at the age of six. She attended the University of Northern Iowa and received her Bachelor of Arts in Art History, and her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Studio Art with an emphasis in Performance Art. In her undergrad, Gonzalez began to explore topics of identity, using video and performance.  Questions of identity helped start an ongoing exploration of this theme. She is interested in Cosmic phenomena and how outer space itself can provide a type of platform for exploring theories of the universe and their relationship to identity. González currently resides and works in Tempe, Arizona where she is an MFA Candidate in the Intermedia Art program in the Herberger Institute for Design and the Arts at Arizona State University.

Estephania González is a Mexican-American intermedia artist from Iowa. Her body and life experiences are the source of her medium, she creates performances, videos, and installations. These works are influenced by science, particularly physics, and questions pertaining to identity.  Her recent works explore the merging of these two disparate interests: exploring identity politics through the development of her persona; L, and the other work explores cosmic phenomena in both practical and metaphorical ways with time being a major theme in her work. She is inspired by theories of space-time and multiverses,  and is focused on merging the works to represent a cohesiveness between the two. "I'm exploring big questions such as, who are we? We are minuscule in the vastness of the cosmos and my work becomes a reflection of this question in relationship to the bigger picture that, we, our species are a part of. My intent is to create installations by combining both video and sculptural elements to transform a space and create an abstract environment."

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