How to be Caressed by the Clouds

How to be Caressed by the Clouds, performance, 2017

Mandey Lund is a performance, body, word, and new media artist that co-creates conscious, poetic, and profound experiences in real time. Her practices in Reiki, authentic movement, meditation, and embodiment, guide and inspire her work. She grew up in Iowa and received her BFA in Studio Art with an emphasis in Performance Art from the University of Northern Iowa in 2014. She has attended artist residencies in Minneapolis, Australia, Philadelphia, and Connecticut, and has shown her work around the world. She has touched the lives of many through her performances, her work in human services, and her workshops on The Art the Experience Making, Making Movements, and Using Creativity to Heal. She currently lives in Bloomington, Indiana with her two cats.

In her own words:

In all of my work, my focus is to create from a place of authenticity, cultivate connections, and capture the essence of the subject. I explore this through co-creating conscious, poetic, and profound experiences created in real time in the form of performance art and group workshops. These events are often ephemeral and held only in memory. When appropriate, they are captured through videos, photographs, written documentation, and/or a display of the objects used or created during the piece. I also enjoy collage and creating pieces out of everyday materials like bread, bug bodies, and hair.

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