in-N-in, Animation still; imagery created by liquid pigments on water, 2017

Keum-Taek Jung was born in Seoul, Korea. He focuses on multimedia instruction at Northern State University. Previously, he studied industrial design and visual effects in Korea. His films have shown at international festivals such as SXSW, Nashville, Ani Madrid, and Rhode Island International Film Festival. He is interested in the abstraction and transformation of symbolism with 2D and 3D computer graphic arts.

in-N-in is an experimental animation that combines geometric shape and form. The imagery and its transformations and interactions are interwoven and balanced by liquid pigments on the water. The images of symbols and their meanings are explored through color and changing patterns, movements, and metamorphoses. The dynamic unions of these symbols in a spatial context of lightness and darkness create unexpected and unique visual expressions that traverse time and space.

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