Snack Attack I

About the "Dear Future" auction/fundraiser:

"Dear Future" began, perhaps, as a love letter to precarity, a poison pen to the present. Collecting impressions of our communal POV in the form of 65 distinct art objects, laden with perspectives that bridge right now (the impossible NOW) to the not-quite-Yet beyond the horizon. Join us and maybe you'll see we've put together a time capsule; join us to witness its temporary state of completeness before it's scattered again into the vectors of the hundreds of eager hands that keep our small a art existence alive: supported, recognized, and blossoming.

From a somewhat more pragmatic perspective, "Dear Future" bookmarks the last 12 months for Public Space One. With a nod to our Near Future pop-up exhibition last January to the ever-present Now (again, is it really NOW?) we all inhabit as we lay to rest our reflections of 2017 and enter the dear oh Dear Future.

"Dear Future" details at Public Space One

Snack Attack I, Giclée on Rives BFK, 8" x 10", 2014

Jonathan Sims is an artist, designer, comic creator, and illustrator living in Iowa City. Sims, a graduate of Coe College, has used his art and design skills in the professional world for over twelve years. He has exhibited his work at many comic book conventions and has been a guest speaker at The National Czech and Slovak Museum, The Iowa City Public Library, The Cedar Rapids Museum of Art, and One Book Two Book, Iowa City's children's literature festival. Sims is currently the senior designer at Jonnie 5 Apparel, an Iowa City-based screen printing and design firm.

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