Retro Bowl

Retro Bowl, glass, 5" x 5" x 1.5"

Lois Jecklin is a graduate of the University of Iowa, where she majored in studio art, was in the Honors program, named to the Scholastic Citation List, and to the President's Honors Convocation.  She was a LaVerne Noyes Scholar.  Currently, Jecklin is a personal manager for composer Bright Sheng, whom she represented as part of her roster while President and owner of Jecklin Associates, an artists' management firm doing business worldwide.  A highlight of her career as an arts executive was managing the John Deere Artist in Residence Program and the residency of sculptor Beverly Pepper.  Current volunteer posts for Jecklin include the Board of Direcotrs, Museum of Arts & Design, New York City.  Dr. Dirk Jecklin also graduated from the University of Iowa with a Doctor of Dental Surgery degree.  After his retirement, Lois and Dirk began to create slumped glass, following his course work at the Washington Glass School.  His skills as a dentist who did his own lab work have been important in the glass studio.  Their work is available in museum shops in New York City, St. Louis, Mo, and Davenport, IA, as well as in galleries in Iowa City and Washington D.C.

text and image from The Chait Galleries Downtown

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