Middle, Oil on archival paper, 30" x 30", 2017

Sarah Grant grew up in Ames, with thoughts of being an actress, an architect or an engineer, and flourished amidst the best combination of cultures: arts, academics, science and agriculture. Steeped in a traditional undergraduate art education, she admired and devoured works by artists such as Robert Henri. She studied at Colorado State and earned her BFA, MA and MFA at the University of Iowa, where she studied under Mauricio Lasansky, Virginia Meyers, John Dilg, David Dunlop, Byron Burford, and Joe Palrick. During her academic years, she focused on drawing, intaglio printmaking, art history, and painting. This liberal arts foundation led her to connect with Abstract Expressionism, and to recognize and appreciate it for its two schools within the movement: narrative and non-narrative. Sarah founded Sticks in 1986. Sticks has received national acclaim for a distinctive line of furniture, accessories and object art.

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