Untitled (Ballerinas no. 1)

Untitled (Ballerinas no. 1), Porcelain, 2016

Nathan Moore is an arts advocate and graduate from Luther College in Decorah, IA, where he studied ceramic sculpture.

In his own words:
My work negotiates the space between object and material addressing where gender intersects with identity. There is gray area, a spectrum of the ideas associated with gender. How do we negotiate identity when gender tugs from both ends of the spectrum?  Richard Tuttle stated in relation to his own work that "simplicity and complexity are virtually the same thing." The simplicity/complexity of gender is something constructed, something imagined. I exist as who I am, not as the tendencies I subscribe to. These objects address gender through ambivalence and subtleties in the machine-oriented formal qualities and the intersection with the soft, pure surfaces of the ceramic components. Some objects here are jointed in structure, but fluid in movement, similar to ourselves. Life, identity and understanding of identity comes in a fluid form, not in a binary, nor through something concrete or pinned down.

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