Prairie Composition

Prairie Composition, Cyanotype, 33" x 42", 2016

Alexis Dwyer is a printmaker, integrated visual artist and art educator recently receiving her MFA in Integrated Visual Arts at Iowa State University in Ames, Iowa. She received her BFA in Photography and Printmaking at Columbia College in Columbia MO. Her prints have been exhibited in national juried exhibitions as well as internationally in Hong Kong and Egypt.

In her own words:

My work centers around experiences in nature and how those experiences reflect on the human psyche. This includes responses to my personal experiences in the outdoors. My work is designed to make the viewer analyze the primal emotions of serenity and fear that encapsulate the human mind while experiencing the natural world. My goal is for the observer to be humbled by the creative and destructive duality seen within nature. I hope to give the viewer a deeper sense of the introspection that can be felt while in the outdoors.

About the "Off the Beaten Path" series:

As my work evolves I continue to expand my understanding of experiencing nature. Focusing on how we interact with nature and the results of those interactions, concentrating on outdoor spaces of recreation and the objects we leave behind. While biking on trails, walking in neighborhoods, and paddling creeks, the trash left behind by others caught my eye. I chose to collect the trash from these outdoor spaces and explore how it could be re-purposed. Transforming what we as society considers trash into useful tools to create tapestries using the cyanotype process, printmaking and hand sewing objects onto the fabric. The tapestries abstract the original purpose and value of these objects allowing the viewer to find new meaning in the work.

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