Escape Plan

Escape Plan, intaglio and hot-stamped foil, 31" x 47", 2017

Sophie Isaak was born in Boston, Massachusetts in 1990. After studying English at the University of Vermont, she spent time developing her work with mentors Jane Kent and Mildred Beltre. Isaak's work has been displayed in Iowa, New York, Illinois, and Vermont. She is currently enrolled at The University of Iowa, where she will receive her MFA in Printmaking in 2018. Isaak works primarily in painting, printmaking and drawing. She recently made her first zine, entitled "Sad Clown."

In her own words:

     "My taste for melodrama and the grand forces that propel the world arose from an early love of John Steinbeck, the Old Testament, Law and Order, and Mariah Carey. My own struggles to understand complex human relationships and emotions have aided the development of my visual interests in chaos, unpredictability, and environment. In painting, drawing, and printmaking I harness the oppositional energies of love and hate, ugly and pretty, sad and happy, repulsion and attraction, in order to convey scenes as tumultuous as both the world around me and my own shifting moods. I think of each work as a party, encompassing the complex atmosphere of fun, anticipation, anxiety, and fear.
     "I am interested in the power of destruction and how it can creep up, quietly at first, only to swiftly sink its teeth in and devour the good. Abrupt changes of mood are of particular interest to me. I portray this shift through the visual disruptions of cropping imagery, color or medium shifts, and scale changes. By pushing two opposite things next to each other I hope to reveal how opposite energies cohabit the same plane. Bright colors and silly bulbous forms are my attempt to reconcile the gloom and doom of the world. Like how the line between tragedy and comedy is often invisible, the late-night party and the next day's hangover must exist together."

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