Circle Teapot

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Circle Teapot, Sterling silver, Delrin, 8 1/8" x 3 1/4" x 6", 2003

T.J. Lechtenberg is in his third year of the MFA program in The Jewelry and Metalsmithing Department at the University of Iowa. His current work explores silent metal forming with sheet metal, and seeks to establish voluminous forms from the flat pierced metal sheets by pushing, pulling and forming the material.

Circles and squares are two of the most elemental of shapes in our visual vocabulary. A majority of my jewelry and hollowware objects branch out from these basic geometric shapes. Because of their familiarity I can freely push, pull, slice and chop the shapes to create more abstract forms, yet still feel grounded by the still recognizable shape. Regardless of the direction that the objects I make go, they remain ultimately simple, graceful and without excess.

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