Half Pint

Half Pint, clay

Chris Burd is another member of the growing Radillac group and network. He continues to operate facilities for creating sculpture in cast iron.

"I am fascinated by process, the way it works on me and the ways in which it allows me to work. I am intrigued by its paradoxes—how clay takes time to mature but is fixed and fragile once fired, while metal, which pours and cools rapidly, is so workable and durable when cool. I enjoy taking the same piece I have created in one medium and working it with another—photograph to silkscreen, coiled clay sculpture to cast metal figure. This gives me the chance to understand the distinctive character of each process better and to be engaged by the challenges and insights that come with the transformation. That's why I use so many different media, both tactile and visual. I work in ceramics, iron, bronze, photography, printmaking, and watercolor. Each one has its own niche in my life, its own particular themes, subjects, and forms of reflection."

text and image from The Chait Galleries Downtown

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on June 17, 2006

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