Country Road, Winter

Country Road, Winter, Pastel, 12" x 24"

John E. Evans is an artist working primarily in pastel and colored pencil.  He is a retired art teacher who spent 39.5 years in the classroom.  A graduate of the University of Northern Iowa with a bachelors degree in art education, John began his teaching career at Lynnville-Sully where he taught K-12 art for 19.5 years.  He joined the staff at Pekin in 1992 where he taught Middle School Art, High School Art, Photography, and Computer Graphics, and was the yearbook adviser. 

During his time in education, John maintained a studio in his home where he continued to develop a personal style in a variety of media.  He is a charter member, a signature member, and President of the Iowa Pastel Society.  He has exhibited his work throughout Iowa, including in recent shows in Iowa City and Maquoketa.

In his own words:

I am a landscape painter. My subject matter is very traditional and my painting style floats between realism and impressionism. The Impressionists and Post Impressionists have greatly influenced me.

If I could put my finger on why I paint, what I paint, where and how I paint, it is to simply search out special places and explore the emotional moments with all senses on high alert throughout the entire process of creating art. It intrigues me how light elevates a commonplace landscape to an extraordinary one. I strive for my paintings to be lyrical accounts of that unique fleeting moment in time. My intent is simply to convey an emotional and intuitive response to the mystery and serenity of the landscape in light and shadow. Hopefully, I compel viewers to interpret my work from their own rich pool of memories, impressions, and experiences, and in a little different way each time they encounter it.

I found pastel to be a wonderful link between painting and drawing. The pastels' ability to maintain the integrity of individual strokes, combined with the liveliness of its colors, foster a passionate poetic language of marks. If I can give viewers an impression of atmosphere, if I can open their eyes to the simple beauty around us, then I have done well.

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