</i>Still from<i> "India" and "Egypt" performance

Still from "India" and "Egypt" performance, 2015

This is a still from a performance by the Red Cedar Chamber Music ensemble, who accompanied the screening of a collection of rare silent films for the Brinton Silent Film Project. Members of the RCCM are: flautist Jan Boland, guitarist John Dowdal, cellist Carey Bostian, and historian Michael Zahs. Please follow the links below to view this particular performance, and to learn more about Red Cedar Chamber Music!

It was Michael Zahs who discovered the Brinton films, a collection of silent films numbering more than 130, each running from just a few seconds to several minutes in length. The collection includes the earliest known films made in India and Egypt (linked below), as well as others produced by Thomas Edison, the Lumière Brothers, Pathé Films, and even two by Georges Méliés—both of which were thought lost and had not been viewed for more than a century!

These films were owned by William Franklin (Frank) Brinton and his wife, Indiana. From 1904 to 1907, Frank and Indiana traveled between Texas and Minnesota, presenting more than 800 shows and bringing the magic of moving pictures to hundreds of thousands of people for the very first time!

Their adventures, and Michael Zahs' efforts to bring these wonderful films back to the public, are chronicled in Saving Brinton, a documentary set to premiere at AFI Docs in Washington, D. C., on June 17th. The collection itself was donated by Mr. Zahs to the University of Iowa Libraries, Special Collections, in 2014. You can learn more about the documentary here: www.savingbrinton.com!

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