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Veiled Emotions, Powder-coated Aluminum, powder-coated copper, fabric, 73" x 21" x 23", 2017

Natasha  earned a B.S. degree in Business Administration from University of Missouri-Columbia and an MFA in Dimensional Practice from University of Iowa in 2017. According to the School of Art and Art History, "The Dimensional Practice Area is an adventurous arena of four studio disciplines—Ceramics, 3D Design, Jewelry and Metal Arts, and Sculpture—built with vigorous conceptual thinking, integrating the parameters of sustainability, commitment to material exploration, and the fabrication of objects/installation with new technologies and traditional processes. Learning in Dimensional Practice courses results in an individualized practice that is shaped around sustained curiosity, technical proficiency and creative dexterity to craft unique concepts."

In her own words

My work has been dedicated to the conceptualization and creation of headpieces, such as crowns, headdresses and body adornments. Through my art, I explore such issues as the search for self-identity, self-autonomy and individualism. Ultimately, my work is about a quest for the self. I draw heavily from autobiographical experiences, which influence my story telling. These experiences were shaped by my growing up in the Soviet Union and Ukraine, and then later by my immigration to the United States.

I love working with various metals as well as other alternative materials that I find interesting, ranging from fabrics, ceramics, plastics, and paper to found objects. I enjoy employing fabrication and forging processes.

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