Graphite Claw Hammer

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Graphite Claw Hammer, Graphite and poplar, 4" x 11" x 2", 2017

Rachel Kauff earned her MFA in Printmaking from the University of Iowa in 2017.

In her own words

In a time when the effects of climate events reach around the world, a growing recognition of ecological emergency has increased the tension inherent in Landscape as both a distant view and a relationship grounded in the body. I make work in an attempt to understand how objects and images mediate these two positions.

I am interested in the ways craft-based disciplines such as printmaking and woodworking can combine with the inventive possibilities of drawing to alter the forms of familiar objects and images: How can the forms of utilitarian objects such as tools and implements be re-made in order to disrupt an idea of their familiar uses? How can a landscape-image prescribe my position as a viewer?  I delight in interventions that obstruct the assumption of agency implied by use and unsettle dominant historical narratives in objects and images. This approach to making allows me to look critically at the way subjects such as nationalism, craft, technology, and settler-colonial history relate to landscape.

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on May 04, 2017

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