Detail, David Bowie/Egon Schiele large format comic cover

Detail, David Bowie/Egon Schiele large format comic cover, Watercolor and india ink on handmade paper, 16" x 30", 2017

Dave Dugan studied painting at Skidmore College in New York and animation at The School of The Museum of Fine Arts in Boston in the 1980s, and Tai Chi in Colorado at Rocky Mountain Tai Chi Chuan. He loves to garden and cook on the east side of Iowa City.

In his own words:
I enjoy making paper using office paper, junk mail, old phone bills, grocery receipts, etc., and then using the paper to make comics and paintings. It is very satisfying turning "junk" into something useful. The past couple of years I've been learning printmaking at the Iowa City Press Co-op using the handmade paper in letterpress and intaglio printing projects.

This painting, along with several other artworks, is on view at Public Space One in Iowa City until March 25th. Zen Comix is Dave's blog, and is filled with more of his work!


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on March 08, 2017

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