Intermedia Showcase

The Intermedia Showcase was hosted at Iowa City's wonderful Public Space One on the evening of October 28, 2016. It was organized by the Intermedia department at the University of Iowa, and was overseen by UI Graduate Student and Intermedia instructor, Naoki Izumo. The Showcase featured an array of events, performances, and installations that brought together artists, audience, and technology in experiences that evoked a wide range of emotions, from isolation to humor and catharsis.

Klexos, Installation with dresser, floor lamp, art, corkboard, cough syrup, cell phone, photos, Post-Its, tickets, scissors, and tissues, 2016

Kalena Meyer is a Junior majoring in Art and Engaged Social Innovation. Much of her work is autobiographical and focuses on gender, feminism, sexual violence, and identity.

Kalena set up her installation in a corner designed to evoke a bedroom. Using Post-Its, she covered the walls with the questions below, and invited her audience to open up drawers, look through photos, touch her personal items (including her cell phone!), and even write on her body—all as an exploration of the concepts of privacy, intimacy, and permission. Through the entire demonstration, Kalena was warm and engaging, making the discovery of a report detailing a sexual assault, stashed in a drawer, especially jarring.

Klexos: (n.) the art of dwelling on the past; that although you can never go back, the meaning of your experiences can change the longer you look

What do these objects say about me? What do they say about you?

What do these words say about me? What do they say about you?

Have you ever had a secret?

Where do you keep your secrets?

Will you share your secret with me?

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