Break Through You

Intermedia Showcase

The Intermedia Showcase was hosted at Iowa City's wonderful Public Space One on the evening of October 28, 2016. It was organized by the Intermedia department at the University of Iowa, and was overseen by UI Graduate Student and Intermedia instructor, Naoki Izumo. The Showcase featured an array of events, performances, and installations that brought together artists, audience, and technology in experiences that evoked a wide range of emotions, from isolation to humor and catharsis.

Break Through You, Clay, Glass, Porcelain, wood glue, gorilla glue (During exhibit: Hammers and wooden smashing pedestal as well), 2 16" x 20" canvases, 2016

Storm Shearer is a Junior at the University of Iowa pursuing a BA in Graphic Design.

Erica Fisher is a Junior at the University of Iowa pursuing a BA in Art with a minor in Environmental Policy and Planning and a Certificate in Entrepreneurial Management.

Eloisa Robison is a Senior at the University of Iowa pursuing a BFA in Graphic Design and a Certificate in Entrepreneurial Management.

In their own words

Life is chaos and as humans we try to make sense of chaos through analysis and classification. Our need to understand goes so deep, we even tend to compartmentalize our friends, family, loved ones, mentors, and peers. It's a natural human urge that many of us strive to overcome. Sometimes, these boxes and labels can be limiting and cause feelings of unease or low self-esteem.

Break Through You is an interactive installation that creates a space inviting people to breakthrough the unwanted labels that limit their individuality—it is an attempt for people to live outside of their false preconceived self-image. Participants were asked to select a fragile object they felt a connection with, write their false labels on this object, and then destroy it with their weapon of choice. In the final act, participants would collect their shards and glue the pieces to the canvases provided. The act of destruction allowed people to construct their new selves by concreting or gluing their new found freedom in society.

We never expected that viewing the passion of aggressive writing and smashing of participants would bring sadness over ourselves as well. As artists we felt a strong desire to tell our participants they were much more than the labels they felt contained by. Break Through You represents participants' bottled up feelings, which was embodied in the final canvases with pieces of glass, porcelain, and clay.

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