Intermedia Showcase

The Intermedia Showcase was hosted at Iowa City's wonderful Public Space One on the evening of October 28, 2016. It was organized by the Intermedia department at the University of Iowa, and was overseen by UI Graduate Student and Intermedia instructor, Naoki Izumo. The Showcase featured an array of events, performances, and installations that brought together artists, audience, and technology in experiences that evoked a wide range of emotions, from isolation to humor and catharsis.

_404_, Intermedia video, 2016

Naoki Izumo is a Nisei, which means second generation Japanese-American, who grew up in the Chicagoland area. He earned his BA in Television from Southern Illinois University, where he then worked on several commercial media productions in Chicago. He shifted his focus of interest when he came to the University of Iowa to study in the Intermedia program. From personal experience and academic study, he learned the partnership of image and sound elicits visceral bodily responses that can provoke intellectual insights through his video installation work.

In his own words

My practice visualizes tech culture juxtaposed with unsettling imagery that highlights the questionable relationship we have with the digital. My practice in video involves obfuscating media objects to explore the coexistence of the digital and physical. My work focuses on the political, social, and historical aspect of the media object. The analysis of the conditions of media objects contests the understanding of the precariousness of technology.

Click the link below to watch Naoki's fascinating Intermedia demonstration!

Naoki Izumo _404_ Video

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