Awkward Portal
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Today's artwork features an audio selection. You may play the audio below:

Public Space One

"Awkward Portal" is this year's theme for Public Space One's annual fundraising auction. Local artists donate artworks in order to support this wonderful art gallery in the heart of Iowa City. All of the works featured on The Daily Palette (plus many more!) are available for bidding, until 7:45 p.m. on Friday, November 18, 2016, when the auction closes. Be sure to visit Public Space One or, if you can't get there in person, visit their website and place your bids online!

Public Space One Awkward Portal Auction

Awkward Portal, Music!, Multi-dimensional, 2016

Mustard-In-Law put together this compilation for the "Awkward Portal" auction. It consists of a clear vinyl case, housing four clear cassette tapes filled with their own unique blend of real and imaginary instruments, vocals, and various natural and distorted sounds that test the boundaries of that art category, "Music!" Click the link under the image to listen to a sample. If your browser does not support Quicktime audio, try opening the sample in a new window. Enjoy, and if you want to hear more, visit And you can also check out Mustard-In-Law online, linked below!

In their own words

Mustard-In-Law is stone ground and freshly squeezed from the bottle of life.  We dip deep to slather our sauce over your reality.  Consumed by a passion to whip up savory audio delicacies, the seeds of Mustard-In-Law baked for years in the minds of Iowa City artists Tyler Luetkehans and Jay Schleidt,  and finally rose above the rim of silence in spring 2016.  Our sound is completely improvised, comprising a bizarre layer cake of found sound collage, physical objects, analog and digital generation and enhancement, and a dusting of time manipulation.  We've played some shows, had a few tapes released into the world, and continually attempt to cook up unheard aural voyages.  We've both been involved with Public Space One for almost a decade, seeing their mission and existence as a catalyst for good in the community.

Mustard-In-Law website

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