Our Last Hope: Bat Pig

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"Awkward Portal" is this year's theme for Public Space One's annual fundraising auction. Local artists donate artworks in order to support this wonderful art gallery in the heart of Iowa City. All of the works featured on The Daily Palette (plus many more!) are available for bidding, until 7:45 p.m. on Friday, November 18, 2016, when the auction closes. Be sure to visit Public Space One or, if you can't get there in person, visit their website and place your bids online!

Public Space One Awkward Portal Auction

Our Last Hope: Bat Pig, Linocut print, 18" x 18", 2016

Jenny Gringer is an artist, printmaker, and MSW working in public health who has enjoyed honing her skills through many workshops and years of experimentation. She revels in learning new things, rebelliously drawing during dull work meetings, and contemplating what keeps people going when all hope seems lost. Jenny's many years of work in somber matters inform her irreverent art.

In her own words:

     Art is a conversation.
     My work is a vehicle for expressing observations of everyday life. In all their blemished glory, my creatures wear their imperfections on their sleeve, furled brows or clenched fists. 
     To me, humor is necessary to cope with the horrors of life, from getting yelled at about rice in the sink at work to a sense of powerlessness in the face of larger horrors surrounding us.  It takes the awful, the stupid, the tragic and flips it to offer momentary relief and an opportunity to connect with others.

     Our Last Hope: Bat Pig is my representation of Batman, the wounded individual dishing out his own brand of crime-fighting justice. Batman, the iconic figure in American comic books, is refashioned to reflect the current reality of America and the diminished power of the individual with his portly figure and tiny, ineffectual hands and feet.

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