Drawing of Faith Ringgold on New York Cultural Center Program

Drawing of Faith Ringgold on New York Cultural Center Program, 1973

Lil Picard (1899-1994) was born in Landau, Germany and started her career as an artist, actress, and writer in Berlin.  After escaping Germany during World War II and moving to New York, she began working as a hat designer and then later created colorful paintings and collages that combined both paint and everyday objects.  Picard worked as a journalist as well, writing about avant-garde artists she met in New York's art scene.  By the 1960s Picard was creating sculptures, assemblages, and installations in addition to her highly personal and often political performances.  The University of Iowa Museum of Art organized the first American museum retrospective of her work, "Lil Picard and Counterculture New York."  The show was assembled entirely from the Lil Picard Collection and the Lil Picard Papers at the University of Iowa where Picard bequeathed her entire estate.

Lil Picard made this sketch of Faith Ringgold at the New York Cultural Center's 1973 art exhibit, "Women Choose Women," where both artists were showing their work, and both women signed it. That exhibit was curated by famed art historian, Lucy Lippard.

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