Origin, Alcohol inks on archival paper, 9" x 11", 2016

Mel Doro started making art at a very young age and later took printmaking courses at the University of Iowa with professor Virginia Meyers as well as attending The School of the Art Institute at Chicago.

Ms. Doro, on what inspires her:

I enjoy working in multiple mediums with a focus on emotional environment and landscape. My inspirations come from what I see and experience, and from Eastern philosophies including Vedic philosophy: the concept of Macrocosm and Microcosm that states there is a corresponding similarity in pattern, nature, or structure between human beings and the universe and vice versa. Some other influences include intermedia artists, performance artists, and jazz musicians.

After getting more involved in meditation and energy work, I began making art in a less regimented and more intuitive manner, similar to Dada artists of the early 1900s. I find this to be the most therapeutic process at the moment, and I hope to inspire others to explore art-making in this way.

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