The Fox

The Fox, Acrylic on wood, 24" x 30", 2016

Brandi Powell is a fine artist and illustrator living in the Midwest. She earned a degree in Graphic Design and Fine Art from Grandview College in 2008 and has been a working freelance artist ever since.

The artist writes:

Painting has always been my true artistic love, although my years as a digital illustrator have been the biggest influence on my most current body of traditional work. I love the freedom and playfulness that illustration offers an artist. There are no rules and no confines. It is a wondrous feeling to finally be able to combine my love for illustration with my love for paint.

I consider my work a body of illustrative portraits. I try to work like an old Polaroid OneStep and capture a perfectly imperfect character at a single moment in time. No retakes, no editing. Life is all about moments and imperfections. Life isn't perfect, people aren't perfect, but we are all amazing.

My technique is layered paint and patterns on wood panels or watercolor paper. My characters emerge in vigorous brush strokes, over the base layers of pattern that tend to peek through in the background.

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