Caravan II

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Caravan II, 34'' x 32'', 2003

After receiving an MFA in painting from the University of Iowa in 1986, Peter Thompson spent six years teaching at Auburn University in Montgomery, AL. He returned to Iowa in 1993 to join the faculty of Coe College, in Cedar Rapids, where he teaches painting and digital art. Peter Thompson has exhibited his work all over the US and in Canada.

About the work, Thompson writes: "I have been painting the human figure in context for over a decade. Bar interiors comprise one of the contexts for the figure that has recurred throughout that time. The setting seems an ideal one for capturing a slice of human experience. It is a setting in which an ordinary moment might be made remarkable. Not through explicit narrative or human interaction, but through perception and spatial organization. The contrasts of light and shadow can be used to define space and to obscure it. There is a tendency toward disorientation in a bar (for more than one reason) and I have tried to capture that shifting reality in my work."

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