Decaying Faces of Iowa I

Decaying Faces of Iowa I, black and white photograph, 5" x 5"

Carola holds a Master of Photography degree from the Foto-Akademie Munich, Germany. She has worked as a free-lance photographer since 1986. Her collaborative efforts have led her to work with a host of organizations, including museums and newspapers. Because of the diverse nature of her work, CarolaÕs photographs have been used in a variety of publications, including art books and scientific journals. Her work has been exhibited in Munich, Rottach-Egern/Tegernsee, and Berlin, Germany. It has also been exhibited in Massachusetts and Iowa.

Carola's photographs are intriguing views of nature. Whether close-ups of engravings found on a canyon wall in Colorado, a decaying willow tree in Bavaria, or a shaded lane in New Orleans, her photographs provide a one-of-a-kind perspective. Her large, color photographs are taken with a Hasselblad 6 x 6 camera and are digitally laser printed on Ilfochrome/Fujichrome paper and fixed under/on an acrylic plate. Carola also creates black and white silver prints.

She says of her work: In the unmanipulated beauty of nature I found the possibility to bring forth a new aspect in my photography. The works are images of structures and colors that nature and time have painted. New growth, the relativity of size or simply the fascination of nature in a moment of transition is represented in these pictures.

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