Untitled in Red and Gold

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Untitled in Red and Gold, oil on canvas, 30'' x 48'', 2008

Robert L. Reeves is a Waterloo native and graduate of the University of Northern Iowa. He currently calls Des Moines, Iowa his home.

His art startles the eye with its vibrant colour, dynamic yet controlled brush strokes, and unrefined style.

His paintings show us shuffling cars, bustling people, brilliant highlights, and deep shadows. He uses pure colors, wide brushes, and aggressive strokes to create stark, colorful portraits of very specific moments in our everyday (and night) lives.

"There is great beauty in the environments we create around ourselves. We spend our lives cocooned in metal, wood, stone, and glass.  These materials take on a life of their own.  Anyone that will but take the time to stop and observe can see it.  Our cities and towns have a music and motion.  A rhythm and energy that ultimately comes from within us.  I seek to portray this spirit.  To show the viewer that we are not separate from our creations and the larger world.  We are one with them.  Inseparable.  Balance."

This page was originally published on December 03, 2008.

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