When It Rains

Ceramics Week

All this week the Daily Palette will be celebrating some of our favorite ceramic artists from across the state.

When It Rains, oval platter, handbuilt porcelain with underglaze, underglaze printing, cone 6 electric glaze and 24k white gold luster, 17" x 13", 2013

Amanda Barr received a BA and MA in Spanish Literature before choosing to pursue a career in ceramics.  She is independently taught, and currently works out of a personal studio in Ames, Iowa.  Her work is developed from a background in printmaking, and is an expression of her use of literature and television as vehicles for escaping reality.

Amanda writes this about her work:

My ceramic work is an exploration of color, graphic imagery, and text on porcelain. I enjoy the intimacy of using functional objects as narrative vehicles for my inner monologue. These objects then become part of the user's narrative, becoming part of their daily life through the ritual of use and by decorating their living spaces. Each piece is a reflection of myself, and in choosing to accept it into their life, it also reflects the user.

I am often inspired by my background in literature, thematically as well as being a source for much of my text and my love of vintage illustrations.  Through books one can travel through time, to faraway lands . . . anywhere the imagination can create.  My work is an extension of my love of reading; it is about expression and escapism, imagination and history.  I want to make work that will capture the imagination and create a dialogue with the viewer, force them to think and dream and make their own journeys.

Be sure to visit Amanda's website to see additional examples of her work (link below).  You can also find her ceramics on Etsy!

The Daily Palette Vintage: This page was originally published on May 29, 2014.

*Update: Amanda is currently working out of her new studio in Seattle, Washington.

Amanda M Barr's website

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