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Skyscape, ink and acrylic on Hanji, 25" x 40", 2006

Jiha Moon received a BFA from Korea University and an MFA at Ewha Women's University in Seoul, Korea. Later, she received a MFA from the University of Iowa in painting. She has shown in solo and group exhibitions at locations across the US and internationally, including the Atlanta Contemporary Art Center in Atlanta, Georgia, The Drawing Center in New York, and the Curator's Office in Washington, D.C.

"I find rich ground in the remodeling of mysterious natural phenomena, such as in the morphology of weird vegetation, unusual creatures, and in bizarre weather changes. My interest in paradoxical juxtaposition and conceptual opposition extends to my painting style and working process. I apply thin layer against thick layer, translucent colors against opaque colors, and abstract, linear drawings against pictorial space. I rely upon spontaneity in my process, allowing experimentation and chance to play as big a part in my work as do focus and premeditation. By pushing these contradictory approaches at once, I pursue the dynamics of the relationship between abstraction and representation. I want to stay in the boundary between these matters and search for the new beauty of abstraction." This painting is from the Mysthscape series.

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