Mesa I

Mesa I, mixed media, 18" x 34"

Alicia Brown recently returned to an interest in art that she had as a young girl. Her early studies in art began at the Des Moines Art Center and later she pursued sculpture in the Netherlands. After a career as a professional dancer, she taught at the University of Iowa. Her dedication to teaching and developing young artists contributed to the present national and international reputation of the University of Iowa Department of Dance.

Since retirement in May of 2000, Alicia has been experimenting with collage in her exploration of the layering of color and bringing movement to form. Her medium is assorted papers combined with acrylics and pastels. "I have taken my years of dance and abstracted it to paper. I am continually choreographing, utilizing shape, space, color, rhythm, and line. I view my work as dances, be they abstract or more realistic. My work is an evolving organism—an expression of my person that brings risk, unexpected excitement and a new experience to each work I create. It is an adventure for me and, I hope, for the viewer as well."

text and image from The Chait Galleries Downtown

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