Birch Trees, Wisconsin

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Birch Trees, Wisconsin, gelatin silver print, 10" x 10", 2007

Judith Eastburn holds an MFA in Photography from the University of Iowa. She has taught photography courses at levels ranging from children to university students for the past twenty years. Her work has appeared in twenty-four juried exhibitions, and she has presented eight one-person shows.

About her work, Judith writes, "I believe we are profoundly affected by the landscape of our childhood.  It establishes our sense of space and how we fit into it, and we recognize as familiar those places encountered later in life which resemble it.

I was born in Iowa, and grew up in the southeast corner near the Mississippi River in an area of limestone bluffs and wooded ravines.  Visits to my grandparents meant drives to central Iowa through gently rising and falling open fields.  These landscapes serve as my point of reference when I photograph in other parts of the world.  I think Iowa and its openness made me aware of the horizon and sensitive to smaller variations in the land's surface."

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