Cut Fields

Daily Palette Double Feature

Cut Fields, oil, 24" x 36"

Kirk Hovenga was born in Davenport, Iowa.  He graduated from the University of Iowa with a BFA in 1982 and went on to work as the studio assistant for Byron Burford, an art professor at the University of Iowa who is best known for his images of circus life.  Kirk also pursued a career selling art supplies, which gave him the opportunity to visit and live in many major cites.  He visited the country's best museums and interacted with many thriving art communities throughout the United States.  While managing the demands of his career, Kirk continued to pursue his passion for painting, and show and sell his artworks.  He recently moved back to the Midwest and he now resides in the small farming town of Dumont, Iowa.

"[Dumont] is the hometown of my grandparents and where I have found memories of visiting as a young boy.  It has not changed much, and this makes me very thankful.  Iowa has become important to me as a primary subject matter, not only for its beauty but also because it is a part of me.  The people are still close to the land and the land is beautiful.  This has affected me as an artist.  My approach to subject matter is close to what I see and my technique is now direct.  As an artist, the Iowa landscape touched by agricultural heritage offers tremendous opportunities and challenges.  I hope to convey to the viewer both the intricate detail I pursue with my painting style as well as my fascination for the Iowa landscape with its many interesting agricultural shapes and wonderful light."

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