Provence no. 2

Provence no. 2, 2015

Julia Kottal was born in Michigan and has resided in Cedar Rapids since 1992.  She earned her BA from Coe College with an emphasis in painting.  Julia recently served as the Arts Director for Eastern Iowa Arts Academy, and she is currently a member of the Iowa Arts Council and serves on the Board of Directors at the Ceramics Center in Cedar Rapids.

Julia's work has been exhibited regionally and nationally, in universities and museums, including the Cedar Rapids Museum of Art, Coe College, Quad City Arts in Rock Island, Illinois, and the University of Iowa.  Additionally, Julia's work is included in many collections, such as the Cedar Rapids Museum of Art, Kirkwood College, Millhiser Smith, the University of Miami, Ohio, and Alliant Energy.

The artist writes, "I love to see, as I hope the viewer does, a 'surprise' or a moment that happens in my paintings, either while painting or after completion.  It is important to me to keep some sense of traditional order in the landscape, but I also like to let the paint take on a life of its own and lead me to an end result that can be unexpected and seductive.

I am influenced and enjoy listening to a variety of music while I work.  I am attracted to, but not limited to improvisational Jazz. 

My work begins with a feeling of a landscape but progresses to a color exploration and a falling apart of the composition, letting go the prescribed visual references to a landscape, and allowing me (and the viewer) to wander and explore.  I use a palette knife to apply the oils to give a tactile quality and enhance the painterly and gestural activity."

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