Women With Tomatoes

Women With Tomatoes, mixed media, 17" x 9"

Wendy Rolfe studied at Parsons School of Design in New York and Le Atelier D’ Etampe in Paris. She produced art in New York City for several years before moving to Iowa. Along with other demands, the artist maintains a daily schedule in her studio, set on 600 acres near Dubuque.

Wendy Rolfe creates with a unique visual vocabulary and creative juxtapositions. After 9/11, she entered a new period in which her works became more prayerful in context and essence. Although her feminine mythic symbols continue, she is working with more urgency and clearly spiritual themes.

Influenced by primitive tinwork from New Mexico (1840-1940), imaginative work enriched with decorative elements and innocence of spirit, Rolfe uses more tin, decoupage, wire and beads, painted glass, even candles in her wall collages. Seeing creation as both feminine and masculine, she explores spiritual hidden selves and vast landscapes of the soul, and the softening aspects, which persist despite what she sees as a time fraught with harsh, moralistic appeals to God, prayers linked to destruction, war, and despair. Rolfe presents prolific and personal symbols, which, she insists, must be processed through each viewers own life experiences and attitudes.

text and image from olsonlarsen.com

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