Grant's View

Grant's View, fiber, 16" x 28", 2013

Lori A. Miller (b. 1960) is an Iowa artist, educated at the former Marycrest College in Davenport, Iowa. She is passionate about the mosaic style of art and she creates her own interpretation using fabrics. Her award-winning work is part of the permanent collections of the University of Iowa Hospitals and Trinity Medical Center.

Largely self-taught, Miller has worked in her media for over fifteen years and continues to explore her unique technique. Currently working in a free form style, her work has become more intuitive and relies largely on the development of shape, color, and form.

The artist writes:

Over the years, I've been asked numerous times how I came up with the idea to use fabrics in my artwork.  It's one of the easiest questions to answer because I simply love fabric.  I like how different fabrics feel, how they look and behave when I'm working with them in my projects.  I was never much of a seamstress so this technique gives me the opportunity to be around a lot of different fabrics without the pressure of actually sewing.

Taking this love of fabric and combining it with the beauty of mosaic, I had created my own type of art.  The strong contrast of the colors and the addition of textures make this pursuit enjoyable and challenging.  I keep finding ways to expand my thinking and 'play' within my medium.  My current style is much more time-consuming, as I develop the pieces as I work to capture an overall image.  It has been highly satisfying to see each piece play its part in the whole as I strive to create the energy of my ideas in mosaic form.

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