Med Ed/Research

Med Ed/Research, Giclee, 16" x 20

"While studying architecture I pursued conceptual design as a manifestation of my vision. In my early experience the expression of art was not a traditional practice in architecture; the guiding principle from which I rebelled was that of form following function. When I moved into my own realm of work, the guiding principle of my architecture became committed to both my expression and to the experience of those interfacing with my work ... As my interests turned more in the direction of pure artistic expression, I found that my underlying principles did not change. I continue to be intensely interested in the singular and unusual. Within my body of work in photography and image making, I seek to present the unique elements that I observe—such as the art of the architecture around us. Details that may have become a transparent background to many become paramount in my interpretation. I have chosen large format presentation to emphasize the particle in the whole. Images range from 16x20 to 30x40 inches, often times even larger. Large format material constitutes my work as an image maker and reflects both my interpretation of the world around me and my presentation of this world to the community in which I live..." - Benjamin Chait -

text and image from The Chait Galleries Downtown

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on April 29, 2006

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