Carey Barn, Western Iowa

Carey Barn, Western Iowa, pastel, 20" x 30"

Former Des Moines Register visual arts critic Eliot Nusbaum commented more than a decade ago about McKibbin’s “intuitive sense of place.” He wrote “McKibbin is interested in investigating the character of the landscape and what makes each of these locations unique . . .(doing it) through . . .(a) feel for the place, accomplished with a multitude of sense(s) other than visual but which in the end enhance the visual sense. As a result, we get a strong feeling of McKibbin’s reaction to the physical world —and a good starting point for us to start feeling that world.”

This intuitive and illuminating spirit of McKibbin lifts each rendering of a specific place to a reassuring confirmation of both the beauty of nature and value of an artistic depiction of it. Fortunately, McKibbin has chosen to remain in the Midwest and create excellent work appreciative private buyers can still afford.

A variety of publications are available at Olson-Larsen Galleries about Bobbie McKibbin, who was born in Philadelphia, who graduated with an MFA from Miami University in Oxford, Ohio, and who has served for two decades as Professor of Art at Grinnell College, Iowa.

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