Mise en Scène

Mise en Scène, mixed media installation, installation view at S1 in Portland, OR, 2015

Erin Mallea is a multidisciplinary artist based in Portland, Oregon.  Erin earned a B.A. in Studio Art and Art History from Loyola Marymount University in 2012.  She has presented work in the United States and internationally, including group exhibitions at Laband Art Gallery (Los Angeles), 365 S. Mission (Los Angeles), S1 (Portland, OR), Melanie Flood Projects (Portland, OR), LIKEWISE (Portland, OR), Florida Mining Gallery (Jacksonville), A.I.R. Gallery (Brooklyn), and Bank Street Arts (Sheffield, UK), among others.  Erin has been an artist-in-residence at Grin City Collective in Grinnell, Iowa, and a virtual, webcam resident with the curatorial team Conduit at Chin's Push (Los Angeles).

Erin writes this about her work: "My work spans media encompassing photography, installation, and public practice.  Across disciplines, my practice is united by ideas and a methodology of critical observation that is analytical and meandering.  Rooted in a generative research process of looking, collecting, asking, and listening, I am concerned with the ethics of representation and utilize personal history as a starting point to examine larger systems of constructing meaning, value, identity, and culture.

A child of the Mountain West and a 'fly-over' state, I am committed to exploring the complexities of place, notions of 'landscape,' and how perceptions and imagery of these concepts are generated and commodified.  Central to my practice is an interest in shifting the economy of art-making and viewing into forums for ideas and dialogue.  Because of this philosophy, I collaborate with individuals, collectives, and organizations to produce arts, community, and educational programming."

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