Cutting Fruit

Cutting Fruit, video installation & performance, 2015

JoJo Baccam is a student at the University of Iowa pursuing a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design.  Her love for art has continued from as far back as she could remember but it was not until 2012 that she began to pursue art seriously.  While in college, JoJo has been able to fulfill her creative endeavors by experimenting with various forms of media.  Her current works fluctuate indefinitely from photography/design, illustration, to intermedia.

JoJo writes, "I create as a reaction to something that I have felt, events I am undergoing, and situations I have experienced.  From moments of peace to moments of disorder and everything else in between.  I find that there is no line between life and art."

About Cutting Fruit JoJo explains, "This video (below) played alongside a performance where I cut and served fruit on a platter.  The piece focuses on domesticity and was a spin-off of Martha Rosler's 'Semiotics of the Kitchen' in which she parodies a cooking show.  I chose to display traditional Taidam cooking utensils to emphasize female roles that are translated cross-culturally."

You can view the video for Cutting Fruit HERE.

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