IC Red Week Poster

IC Red Week Poster, graphic design, 2015

Ari Craven left the suburbs of Chicago to study Studio Art and Theatre at the University of Iowa.  He holds an ICRU Fellowship (Iowa Center for Research by Undergraduates) and serves as the Social Media Wrangler for IC Red Week.  Currently a Senior, Ari is active in campus life and has served as an OnIowa! captain and leader and a Peer Mentor for the Passport Project.

About IC Red Week:

IC Red Week (Nov. 30th-Dec. 5th) is a University of Iowa student-led initiative that began in 2008 to raise awareness of HIV/AIDS and provide prevention education.  This year, over 15 diverse local groups and organizations are collaborating on the initiative with the additional goals of fighting the associated stigma, and standing in solidarity with those affected by HIV/AIDS.

You can learn more by visiting IC Red Week's Facebook page and following links to events occurring throughout the week.

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