Where Does It Come From

Where Does It Come From, oil on canvas, 30" x 30"

Earning her BS degree from Mills College and her MFA from Goddard, Goldstein also studied at Arts Students Leagues in both New York and Denver. With more than 24 major exhibitions to her credit, she also has works in major corporate collections such as IBM in Dallas, American Airlines in Denver, and in Iowa, at Maytag, Iowa State University, Davis Law Firm, and Pioneer Hi-Bred International.

With impressive arts training and a long string of major shows to her credit, Bonney Goldstein now produces her distinctive works in a studio in New Hampshire. Adept in various media and in mixing materials and techniques, her recent series of oils on canvas or paper present the viewer with relatively direct and evocative images, appealing in color, rich and varied textures, and a fresh sense of spontaneity.

These appealing works, while firmly within abstract boundaries, suggest both landscapes and interior close-ups of not-quite definable objects. Goldstein, immersed in art history and especially fascinated with the means by which past artists achieved their surfaces, tends toward the plastic rather than symbolic elements in painting. Her works are definitely contemporary, yet they hold a resonance with past traditions.

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