Cerulean Grace

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Cerulean Grace, Cyanotype, Van Dyke, watercolor on bristol, 19" x 24", 2014

About the artist: Naomi Friend is a practicing artist in central Iowa.  Her work has been shown in two solo shows (central Iowa and Nebraska), as well as in other group shows.  It was published in Diffusion magazine, and it can be found in both public and private art collections.

Naomi earned an MFA in Integrated Visual Arts at Iowa State University in 2013 and her undergraduate degree is from Dordt College where she studied fine art and graphic design.  Naomi works as the exhibits manager at the Octagon Center for the Arts in Ames, Iowa.  She loves the outdoors, and lives on a small 3 acre farm where she grows flowers for local markets.

About her art: "My work is about the evolution of the family farm.  I create layers of memories and reality in the form of photographic images and antique photo processes.  I believe that everything has worth.

I use cyanotype and van-dyke, two photographic chemicals invented in 1840.  I collect images from my family farm and my rural central Iowa community.  The chemicals take to any organic material, like paper, fabric, or wood.  When applied with a brush, they stain and bleed the materials in their own ways (responding to water tension, the flow of liquid, gravity, etc).  When dry, I expose the chemicals with digital negatives in the sun.  When developed, they create a permanent yet ethereal record of our roots, and are made of the wild and the domestic simultaneously.

I desire to explore the space of our lost past and hopeful future, and then settle there."

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on January 13, 2016

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