Dragons Tail

Daily Palette Double Feature

Dragons Tail, 2014

Gary tells us about himself: "I am a professional fine art landscape and real estate photographer currently living in Bettendorf, Iowa.  Our family always went on vacation every year and we always recorded those vacations with a camera.  Although drawn to photography at an early age, I never took photography seriously back then.  While living in Minnesota for about five years and not knowing anyone, photography not only became a large part of my life, photography became my personal best friend.  I spent every waking moment while living in Minnesota, studying, learning, practicing, and failing at landscape and real estate photography, along with countless hours learning techniques in the digital darkroom, to get where I am today.  In addition to my full-time career shooting real estate, I sell my work at fine art festivals throughout the Midwest and teach landscape photography workshops on the shores of Lake Superior.  My work has been published in Extraordinary Vision (Issue #25), the #1 outdoor photography magazine available in iTunes."

Gary tells us about his work: "The images I create are a feeling of my passion for photography and I'm hoping that my images make you feel the way I felt when I was there creating the image.  I think all photography should evoke an emotional response.  My goal as a real estate photographer is to create images that are warm and inviting in order to help real estate agents sell their listings quicker.  My goal as a landscape photographer is to create a surreal image that shares the mood I felt when being there, evokes an emotional response, and has vibrant color, depth, detail, and a sense of time, all which are of the utmost importance.  I mainly use long exposure photography to achieve this goal.  I enjoy spending time in the digital darkroom just as much as creating the image itself.  Although my techniques may vary from the 'purist,' I don't add or remove anything significant from the image.  Since the camera doesn't always capture the scene the way I saw it, I do, however, use highly advanced techniques to manually blend multiple RAW files of a scene if needed to obtain the result I'm looking for."

Dragons Tail is a 4 minute exposure of a rock formation reaching out into Lake Superior.

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